Before approaching the subject of learning and development of  students , we need to remember that learning involves many variables, such as: biological, cognitive, social issues, among others. But often what they really need is to find a methodology that fits their profile.

On the other hand, there are learning and development of students who have learning difficulties either because they do not adapt to the applied methodologies or because of psychological issues. But none of this indicates a lack of intelligence or even motivation to study.

And believe me, it’s part of the learning process to feel difficulty from time to time. That is, it can be completely normal to be scared of tests and school activities.

But so that there is no doubt, we have prepared this content to help you identify the reasons that can generate learning difficulties, so continue the text.


Explain learning and development of students disability?


Well, in a simplified way, we can say that a learning and development of  students is a mental disorder that hinders the pace at which a student learns. This disorder can happen for several reasons, such as teaching methodology. School environment and even personal and family problems.

The term learning and development of students is used for people who need a different methodology to develop. Since traditional methods turn out to be very complex though that doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

Today, it is common in schools for students to present learning and development of students .  Where teachers and educators face these issue daily with students and family members. Therefore, it is important to monitor whether they are momentary or longer lasting, in order to seek professional help to advice on possible treatments.

Thus, it is essential that parents closely monitor the school routine of young people and adolescents to identify all possible learning difficulties that may arise in the classroom.

After all, it is extremely important that it be discovered quickly so that it does not interfere with the student’s educational process. Since, because they are psych pedagogical issues, they can be resolved in the school environment.


What are the signs of a learning disability?


learning and development of students


Learning difficulties or learning and development of students disorders can be detected from the fifth year of life onwards. And in some cases it is necessary to follow up with a professional.

Usually, the student has symptoms related to attention problems, anxiety or even restlessness. These problems can end up being developed because of personal, family or physical conflicts.

Today, there are treatments that reduce the degree of learning disorder, but for this, time and consistency in the treatment is essential. And to identify it is necessary for the student to take a test to measure their cognitive ability according to their school grade.

But remember that the learning and development of students difficulty is not only related to problems of educational causes. It is essential that a thorough and thorough investigation be carried out to determine the cause of the problem.

Difficulties can also be punctual or specific. And they are characterized by neurological dysfunction. That is usually related to a particular brain function that may have been impaired.


How to diagnose if the child has a learning disability?


Of course, before any diagnosis of learning and development of students disability the person needs to undergo a series of evaluations with specialized professionals.

In other words, professionals who are specialized in the health area, such as a doctor, neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist are trained. And in some cases a speech therapist.

Diagnosis is an essential step, since before any treatment for learning disabilities. Which use medication it is essential to be sure of the type of disorder?

In order to prevent children from using drugs that do not fit their case as they are evaluated superficially.

Noticing these difficulties and development of students is not always so easy. However, there are several signs that children may show that they need help. So to help you make sure it’s time to seek help. We’ve listed some symptoms of learning disorder check it out.

Preschool-age children may have.

Problems and delay with speech.

Problem learning, shapes, letters and numbers.

Not being able to rhyme words.

Have problems with motor coordination.

Not being able to stay focused and attentive for a long time.

School-age children may have difficulties with.

Follow instructions.

Be organized at home.

Understand and assimilate verbal directions.

Learn teachings and remember information.

Read, spell and speak words.

Write clearly (or perhaps in not-so-understandable handwriting).

Make mathematical calculations.

Finish homework.


What is the difference between learning and learning?


Although they are similar terms, there is a slight difference in meaning between learning and development. Learning refers to the process or effect of learning.

On the other hand, learning refers to the action of acquiring knowledge to carry out a certain professional activity.

Easy to learn

These people who have learning and development of students agility trust their intuitions. They are able to access all their previous experience explained the expert.

They often describe themselves as lifelong learners and cross-experience their professional and personal lives.

Self-taught person

The term self-taught represents something like teaching yourself. That is it is having the ability to learn a subject autonomously managing your own study process.

Professional mean

In short a good professional is one who always seeks to be well informed. Work with dedication in any organization. Who does not choose the profession just for the financial return?

But because he really likes what he does.


What makes you happy at work?


Achievements that bring confidence in children from her learning and development of students time period. Recognition of course, everyone likes to be valued in some way improve the level of satisfaction.

Meaningful work much better if you work for purpose than inertia.


What makes you happy in the company?


Respect the leadership team it’s important to work with a leadership team that you respect, trust and that inspires you, say some.  A workplace with good culture is effective. Work in a pleasant environment, with a positive corporate culture.

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