E-learning systems are the most effective tools for organizational learning, making it easier for both education staff and learners. But choosing a learning management system is a difficult task, especially for the first time. How can you narrow down your search when there are hundreds of different options? Is it worthwhile to simply choose the most spectacular or the most popular software? In our workshop, we’ll walk you through the important factors you should consider when choosing a platform.

Why Choose an E-learning System?

E-learning systems and LMS Systems help manage the entire lifecycle of the learning process within an organization . Ad hoc solutions, such as tutorial videos uploaded to video shares, pdf tutorials, and webinars alone, often don’t go far. Without the tools provided by e-learning systems, it is much more difficult (and expensive) to create a truly well-functioning digital learning program. Switching to their use, on the other hand, can give a huge boost to the effectiveness of organizational learning. 

With the help of e-learning systems and LMS meaning, they could quickly create complete courses without a developer. All important information is available in one place, so students can easily find everything they need and learn at their own pace, at their own pace. In addition, you can use and update each course as many times as you like.

Digital learning and LMS also helps preserve an organization’s valuable internal knowledge . If employees share their expertise through an e-learning course, it will remain there even after they leave the organization.

The best software for e-learning curriculum development

How is the e-learning curriculum created? Can I make one too? What software can we call for help when we start creating a curriculum?

E-learning standards

If you want to use an e-learning system, you should be aware that there are several standards that ensure that the learning materials you create work well in a wide variety of e-learning software.


Most content creation tools create SCORM-compliant e-learning. Abbreviation for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM has been developed since 1997 and contains a list of technical specifications for LMS meaning . If the content meets these conditions, it will be much easier to provide the right system for storage and display. 

The most popular versions are SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Before choosing an e-learning system, make sure it meets at least one of them.


Also known as Tin Can API or Experience API. Abbreviation for Experience Application Programming Interface. It was developed in 2013 to replace SCORM, but has not yet fully lived up to expectations. The main difference compared to SCORM is that xAPI also records all informal learning, allowing access to different data sources inside and outside the e-learning system , thus providing a more complete picture of the learners ’experience.


The cmi5, released in June 2016, is the latest standard and is probably the only one still under active development. It was originally intended to completely replace SCORM, but is now essentially a bridge between SCORM and xAPI


It was created in 1988 to reduce the cost of flight training by standardizing learning tools. It was the world’s first e-learning specification standard , and SCORM built heavily on it. 

What features and functions should you consider when choosing e-learning systems?

Think carefully about your needs and focus on the features and functions that may be most important in your organization’s learning processes.

Features of e-learning systems

You should pay attention to the following features when choosing an e-learning system.

Stored on cloud or on your own devices

Cloud-based e-learning systems are generally more flexible. because employees can access it from anywhere, but only with an Internet connection. We wrote more about this in this workshop post .

User Interface

If it is too complicated for everyone to use without help, the e-learning system will not bring much benefit. Look for an e-learning system that is easy for both education staff and students to manage!

How feedback works

Courses are sometimes outdated, but may contain ambiguous, misleading statements or obvious errors. An important factor may be the operation of a mechanism by which team members can provide feedback on the quality of the course, point out errors, or request further assistance if they need it.

Built-in course editing

Some e-learning systems allow you to create courses directly within the platform, otherwise you will need to purchase separate software to edit the courses.

Functions of e-learning systems

Each e-learning system offers a unique selection of special features. Here are some of the most common and important features to keep in mind.

Analyzes / reports

Analyzing course data will help you continually improve your methods to create an increasingly effective and better quality learning experience. In addition, you can monitor the completion rate of courses to see if students are actually making use of the resources available to them. You can also use the data to make informed decisions about which courses and methods to use and to replace the less effective ones. It may also be important to have a tool to show the results. 


E-learning systems are usually customizable. They can also be tailored to the characteristics of your organization, such as its image and terminology, and the needs of its learners. A training platform tailored to each learner helps them better understand their important role in the organization.

Telephone use / responsiveness

Students are increasingly using their mobile devices to access digital courses. It’s easier, more convenient and allows you to really learn anywhere. This requires that the e-learning system be responsive or have a dedicated mobile application. 


One of the easiest ways to promote active learning is to make the learning experience playful. Different e-learning systems offer different approaches to play, such as puzzles, student competition, simulations, scoring, or game levels.

Customer service / support

No matter how easy it is to use a system, sometimes help may be needed. It doesn’t matter what quality, language and type of communication the software offers (phone, live chat, etc.) and how much support it offers.

Blended learning

All-digital learning processes do not always lead to results, so it may be necessary to mix personal and digital learning in many cases. In addition to digital learning opportunities, some e-learning systems also offer tools for booking classroom sessions or webinars. Some even include interactive tools to facilitate classroom instruction.

Different content formats

You may want to check the content formats supported by your e-learning system (video, presentation, webinars, audio files, downloadable documents, etc.). Some systems may even be capable of creating virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR).

Possibility of third-party integrations

Many e-learning systems can be integrated with other devices or technologies. For example, they can be linked to video or animation software. This makes it much easier to adapt to ever-changing learning needs. 


Opportunity for peer learning

Some systems have mechanisms through which team members can share their knowledge and learn together. This creates a knowledge-sharing community that makes learning a better experience and thus more effective, and has team-building effects.

Co-authoring functions

The multi-author feature allows multiple team members to work together to create a more comprehensive course.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are already e-learning systems that use artificial intelligence to generate courses, operate chatbots, and personalize course recommendations and learning paths. AI can also allow for deeper analysis of learning data.

Do you need help?

If you are in the process of implementing an e-learning system, but you are unsure which features or software are right for you, contact us and we will help you choose the best solution ! If you have limited resources to do so, we recommend that you contact us anyway, as you can save a lot of work and money with the help of an expert!

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